Web Based Training

Online Role Holder Training

For role holders to learn how to use the USAccess system and become proficient with their assigned roles, the USAccess Program offers a series of web based training courses using the GSA USAccess Role Holder Online Training Course Portal for each system role holder.

General Access

To create an account, go to USAccess Role Holder Online Training Course and enter your email address and the temporary password: 12345678. At the "First Time Registration" screen, complete all requested information, including selection of your agency from the list. Click Submit to create your account. Log in to the learning management system and select the desired role holder course.

Training Administrator Accounts

Each agency can set up Training Administrator accounts, which provides access to reports identifying individuals in your agency who have completed the training courses. To set up a Training Administrator account, send the request with the individual's contact information including name, email, phone, and agency/sub-agency to GSAMSO@gsa.gov. The MSO will establish the account and send the necessary information to the identified Training Administrator.

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