Onboarding Process

To get started in the USAccess Program, agencies must first complete the "onboarding" process. This page explains the basic onboarding steps before the agency can issue employees and contractors PIV credentials. Critical documentation must be submitted and approved.

Documents included in this section:

  • Interagency Agreement (IA)
  • Credential Configuration Worksheet
  • Personal Data Worksheet

If you have questions about this process or would like to get started, please contact us at gsamso@gsa.gov.

USAccess Onboarding Process

The steps to onboard may be most effectively performed in parallel, resulting in an agency being able to quickly start issuing PIV credentials.

In order for Agencies to onboard, the steps that much be followed include:

Agency submits Interagency Agreement

To establish an account, agencies must fill out and submit an Interagency Agreement (IA) form. (Please follow the Instructions for completing the 7600A and 7600B forms). The Interagency Agreement or funding document describes the terms and conditions, the funding amount the agency is committing initially to the program, initiates the transfer of funds, and contains the bona fide need for the service. To determine how much the agency needs to commit, please review the current USAccess Service Description and Price List.

Submit the signed and completed 7600A and 7600B forms to the MSO at gsamso@gsa.gov. Once received, the MSO will process and assign an IA number. A copy of the completed document will be returned to the agency customer. 

If you have previously submitted an Interagency Agreement form but need to add funding, please follow the instructions for completing the 7600B form

Agencies will need to sign up with GSA Assist in order for our Finance department to obligate funding.   

Agency provides Seal and Credential Configuration Worksheet

The agency must submit its agency seal and the completed Credential Configuration Worksheet. To customize the front of the card, the agency will need to provide its seal in a 300 dpi JPEG format. The MSO will provide the seal to the card manufacturer to create a card proof, which is quality checked.

The Configuration Worksheet contains agency specific information for credential personalization including shipping instructions. This information is the foundation for the credential template. The agency will also need to finalize the configuration of the agency's credential template. This template will establish the elements that will be printed on the credential for each agency employee or contractor, such as the agency name and the agency logo. This template must be finalized before any Applicant data can be entered in the USAccess system.

Agency provides Personal Data Worksheet

The last document the agency needs to complete and provide to onboard is the Personal Data Sheet. On the Personal Data Worksheet, the agency lead provides the names and contact information for the initial set of role holders, identifying who will be the initial sponsor and adjudicators for its applicants. Upon receipt of the Personal Data Worksheet, the MSO will enter these role holders into the USAccess system and process their credentials to complete account setup for the agency.

As the Onboarding Process comes to completion, an MSO representative will work with the agency to start its implementation of the USAccess Service.

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